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It’s with butterflies in our stomachs and a flutter in our hearts that we extend the warmest welcome to you, dear reader, on the launch day of our new Joy Newton website and our Winter + Holiday 2015 Collection. Today marks the culmination of two years (and, in some ways, many more than that) of hard work, endless inspiration, and tons of heart and soul from our dedicated team, as well as support from our loving families, friends, and loyal fans. We are beyond excited to share with you the results of that blood, sweat, and tears, and it is our deepest, most heartfelt wish that our new site and our latest collection will inspire in you the same profound connection to the great outdoors as they do in us. 

On this beautiful autumn day, as the country’s landscape proudly boasts its seasonal wardrobe of fiery reds, burnt oranges, and golden yellows, and makes us feel – if only for a brief few weeks – that the world around us is somehow new again – it’s also a time of newness for us. In addition to the site and our collection, we’re also launching Root + Branch, the Joy Newton blog. Our products represent the final chapter in a story that begins long before they hit the shelves – from the harvesting of the flax that makes the linen, to the creation of the designs that grace each towel, and even further back, to the tilling of the soil which grows the bounties that inspire us. To us, those stories are what make our goods so special, and it is our hope that by sharing them, these stories will become a part of your own.

Root + Branch will be a place of exploration, education, and celebration. We hope to inspire you with the things that inspire us – contemplative trips to the rocky shore, foraging strolls through a local farm, and the recipes that make seasonal living one of life’s purest pleasures. We aim to inform you – the processes behind the materials we use, our ongoing efforts of sustainability (and why it matters), and the many ways you can reconnect with nature even if its concrete instead of grass that’s outside your door. And, perhaps most importantly, we plan to rejoice with you – in the farmers who toil in the land, the fishermen who brave the seas, and the incredibly talented people who dedicate their craft and time to making these worlds accessible to us all.

You see, Root + Branch isn’t about Joy Newton. It’s about the people, places, and ethos that make Joy Newton possible. It’s about you and it’s for you… and we hope you’ll join us for the ride.

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