About Joy Newton

Our greatest journeys are often those we never expect, and Joy Newton’s life and career are examples of just that. Joy grew up surrounded by nature and design; her father was a scientist and plant collector, and her mother was a lover of gardening, decorating, and fabrics. Steeped in the museum culture of Boston, the stunning landscapes of the New England countryside, and the carefree seaside lifestyle of Cape Cod, the Joy Newton philosophy of finding art in the everyday was developed at an early age.

After graduating from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Parsons School of Design, Joy worked in a variety of settings, from marketing for Chanel, to illustrating for National Geographic, to landscape design. Joy realized that many of her colleagues were missing the daily immersion in nature that was such a profound part of her life. To bring the outdoors in, she launched the Joy Newton brand, a line of high-end stationery and home accessories featuring her original nature-focused artwork, which garnered attention from the country’s most illustrious museums, retailers, and publications. After 15 years, Joy realigned her company with the values that set her imagination ablaze all those years ago: the simple pleasures of the land and sea and the farmers who share their locally and lovingly tended harvest. As the brand has evolved, Joy has found a distinct and powerful voice: one of appreciation, discovery, and reconnecting with the world beyond our man-made walls.

Today, Joy is inspired by the pastoral setting of her 200-year-old Connecticut farmhouse and her deep connection to the urban experience, from a leaf’s graceful dance across a country road to a tree’s cascading shadow on a brick building. Though there is no clear line between where inspiration ends and hard work begins, there has been plenty of both in the creation of the patterns, colors, and designs that bear the Joy Newton mark and bring to life Joy’s vision of beauty everywhere, everyday.