Our Story

In a society that reveres complexity, instant gratification, and the next big thing, Joy Newton lauds the simple, the slow, the time-honored. From the farmers and fisherman that cultivate the land and sea, to the flora and fauna that captivate us with their splendor and habitude, to the exquisite harvests that delight our every sense, our eco-conscious line of textiles celebrates Earth’s uncomplicated pleasures: the people, traditions, and bounties that fill our souls and our tables.

Joy Newton designs are bold and colorful, vibrant and warm, effervescent and joyful, graceful and chic. Our collections serve as the everyday embodiment and exaltation of the world around us: the way the early autumn sun dances off the jewel-toned flesh of an eggplant; the briny, littoral taste of an oyster, tucked into its craggy shell; the long, late-day shadows cast by billowy, watercolor hydrangeas. For us, there is no pleasure too small, and our designs seek to revel in the splendors of them all.

We know that with an appreciation for the natural world comes the responsibility of ensuring its place in the future. At Joy Newton, we consider ourselves stewards of the land, honoring its resplendence and the workers that tend to it. Our design and manufacturing processes combine centuries-old traditional techniques with modern technologies to create timeless heirloom-quality pieces without harming the earth and elements that inspire us. Through our materials, practices, and products, we seek to bring beauty, awareness, simplicity, sustainability, and consciousness into our daily lives. From city streets to country roads, we believe the magnificence and wonder of the outdoors should be a part of your everyday, wherever your everyday takes you.