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Hands That Harvest: Joseph L. Hall of J.L. Hall Farm

  Down a winding, angelic country road I’ve been traveling for years is the charming J.L. Hall Farm, situated on a breathtaking swath of land that’s been passed down among current owner Joseph L. Hall’s family for over a century. Bursting with color, character, and a resounding beauty, this small family-owned farmstand has somehow managed to keep its rich history and natural splendor intact even as the landscape around it continually changes and evolves. No matter where I find myself, this special place always beckons me to return, again and again.     Tucked cozily into a pocket of rural Connecticut’s Farmington Valley, J.L. Hall Farm specializes in an ever-changing variety of colorful heirloom pumpkins. Joe and his talented help...

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Welcome to Root + Branch

It’s with butterflies in our stomachs and a flutter in our hearts that we extend the warmest welcome to you, dear reader, on the launch day of our new Joy Newton website and our Winter + Holiday 2015 Collection. Today marks the culmination of two years (and, in some ways, many more than that) of hard work, endless inspiration, and tons of heart and soul from our dedicated team, as well as support from our loving families, friends, and loyal fans. We are beyond excited to share with you the results of that blood, sweat, and tears, and it is our deepest, most heartfelt wish that our new site and our latest collection will inspire in you the same profound connection...

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