Mother Hen Tea Towels
Mother Hen Tea Towels
Mother Hen Tea Towels
Mother Hen Tea Towels

Mother Hen Tea Towels



Chestnut, Sun + Crimson on Natural Flax Linen- Pre-Order

Items ship 4/30-5/5, 2024! Flat rate shipping (with no postage increases) apply at check-out.

Amidst the freshness of spring, Mother Hen stands tall as a cherished symbol of love and nurturing. She warmly enfolds her little ones under her wings, bringing them comfort and safety like no other.

Our large heavyweight 18" x 26" signature tea towels are made of soft 100% natural linen and printed with non-toxic chestnut, sun + crimson ink, is a modern heirloom designed and built to last for generations—easy to care for and ideal for everyday use.  Set includes two Mother Hen Towels and one Plain and Simple- a perfect pairing!

:: Soft, absorbent, naturally anti-bacterial, and stain-resistant.

:: Easy to care for machine-wash warm, tumble dry low, often wash for maximum softness, and iron only if desired. No-fuss.

:: Our signature natural flax linen is harvested and woven in Belgium and Lithuania. Grown from flax seed to woven cloth.

:: Sustainable (every part of the plant is used), biodegradable, toxic-free, and requires no water or pesticides in its growing season.

:: Designed and screen printed by hand in the USA and cured with heat. NO chemicals are used in the curing process.

:: There is a corner loop on the backside of each towel for hanging.

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